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Kodulehe tegemineWith the business conditions of today, almost every company needs a web solution to be successful. Just like a business needs direction, so does a good website. You need a web page that is oriented towards excellent results, which directs visitors to do the activities you need.

Create a positive first impression

When inviting customers to your office or facilities, you naturally want everything to look pleasant. This should be kept in mind with your website as well. The website of your business introduces your company, sells your products and services, serves your customers and communicates the values of your business – all of it 24/7.

As with anything, you can only leave a first impression with your website once. It is crucial to create a web page that welcomes the customers with a positive, pleasant and trustworthy impression – allowing you to fulfill the goals of your business.

Functional, user-friendly, purposeful website

If your web page does not offer visitors what they expect and wish for, leaving it is very easy. Things that are important here are your website’s speed, functionality, user-friendliness, the content and images, among several other things.

For example, if the website of a company is slow, 75% of the visitors go to a competitor’s instead. Over 50% of the people who arrive at a website leave because they do not find the design appealing. If the page does not scale to the size of the screen, visitors on smartphones are five times more likely to leave as well.
In order to not lose a potential customer to a competitor, every detail must be seen to when creating the web page.Scaling website

A good website:

The process and follow-up maintenance of creating a website

The basis of creating successful web page involves open collaboration, data analysis and thorough planning. Creating a website means the following steps:

Design, websites, e-commerce and landing pages

Does your business need a homepage, e-commerce website or a landing page (campaign page)? We can help you pick and create the most effective solution. We will give a 6-month warranty for all websites we create and you can always subscribe to a monthly maintenance.Analytics

We are experienced in the following fields:

Our web solutions help you get excellent results

The web solutions offered by WSI are detailed, reliable and designed with the best business results in mind. We know all the ins and outs of websites, where good design, user-friendliness, sales funnel and marketing need equal detail.

Our goal is to create the best first impression for your company and make the visitor feel welcome, bringing them back and making them long term customers. WSI has been successful in this throughout the years and won over 55 awards in international website competitions.

If you wish to review how visible your company on the internet and discuss how a professional web solution would help your business grow online, leave your contact information below.

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