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A lot has changed in marketing and change is the only constant. More and more businesses are directing their marketing budgets into digital solutions, and even the competition for the client’s attention in digital channels is getting quite intense.

In order to get good results, one needs knowledge and experience more so than ever before. Every week, month and quarter brings new possibilities to try out. Tactics that worked before may no longer bring results. It is time to give less attention to old ideas and start planning and applying a strategy that does not only work today, but also tomorrow.

At the end of the day, winners are separated from losers by the right strategy.

Strategy must be founded upon your business goals

Digital marketing strategies must be established with your business goals and your company’s present situation in mind. Through analyzing the information that you have and knowing your goals, we can pick the most effective digital channels and decide what the right approach is for your company’s long term plan and end goals.

Within a good digital marketing plan, attention is given to the following:

  1. The unique sales arguments of your company, the target group, the buyer personas and business goals
  2. The website, its search engine optimization (SEO) and the buyer’s journey starting from first contact with your business
  3. Inbound, e-mail, social media, content and mobile marketing, use of digital media
  4. Monthly marketing activities and/or one-time campaigns and primary meters for analyzing results
  5. Use of technology, marketing and sales automation and areas of responsibility

Choosing your partner for developing and applying your strategy

If you wish to develop your business, enter a new market or start exporting, it is crucial to think about who exactly might help you with this. So you might hire a new employee, start working with a freelancer or an agency.

It is great if you do manage to find someone who knows all about the web development and digital marketing topics that your company needs, but how often does that happen? A lot of businesses therefore prefer agencies, where every member of a versatile team understands the big picture of the digital world and has a knack for specific parts of digital marketing.

Together with a professional agency you can develop a plan and strategy where all your digital channels, marketing and sales activities are interconnected and support the development of your company and its goals. And together with a reliable partner, you free up resources and have more time to develop your business.

WSI is a reliable long-term marketing partner
Digiturunduse strateegia

The comprehensive solutions of digital marketing offered by WSI are based on two decades of experience and outstanding results. We can be a reliable long-term digital partner for any kind of company out there.

Most of our turnover comes from regular customers, together with whom we have grown over the years and brought progressively better results. Since 2008 we have not only been successful internationally, but locally as well – helping hundreds of businesses change the internet into their primary marketing and sales channel.  Our clients have seen the following results:

Understanding the bigger picture is important, but not the primary goal

Digital marketing means successful marketing, with a personal touch. But this requires careful planning, revisiting the drawing board and analysis of end results. Even though this means a variety of activities, you don’t need to do everything all at once. First we learn to walk, then to run and by the end, we will be flying!

If you wish to start planning and applying a working digital marketing strategy, leave us your contact information below – let’s call and discuss your options and see, how we can be useful to each other.

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