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Digital marketing and media are not a part of marketing that can just be ignored these days. Television, radio and print used to be that the main media channels, but the internet has become an equal or even surpassed these in particular areas.

A significant amount of businesses today invest only in digital marketing and media. Digital channels are often more efficient than traditional ones, because activities there can be easily targeted, measured and improved at any given moment, if needed.
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Digital marketing activities that help your company succeed

AdaptiveSEO™ makes your website visible and guarantees excellent long-term results

Before making a purchase, a lot of customers research services and products on Google. A Google search gives hundreds or even thousands of results and more than 90% of users do look no further than the first two result pages. This means that if your website does not pop up among the first ones with keywords related to your business, traffic remains low and your website does not serve its purpose.Seo service

SEO or search engine optimization improves the visibility of your website, involving both technical and creative activities, both on it and beyond. The AdaptiveSEO™ service created by WSI is reliable – despite Google’s regular updates to their algorithm, our strategies are way ahead of it. Thanks to quality service and the attention given to the client’s values, we can get you long-term outstanding results.

In addition to a monthly SEO service, you can commission an SEO audit from the experts at WSI, through which we can find the issues in your SEO strategy and your website and give instructions on how to fix them.

Content marketing gains you the client’s trust

A well-made content marketing strategy encourages the client to learn about you on their own, helping you win their trust and creating a personal media channel for your business. Within content marketing, we offer any visitors free access to interesting and educational materials like blog posts, e-books, case studies and more. Together with an SEO strategy, this helps your company to be more visible in Google searches with important keywords, and increase traffic to your website.

Professional content shows that you are a specialist in your field, keeping your business in the game and encouraging the visitor to come back, again and again. Keep that up and the visitor’s trust towards your company grows and a potential client becomes a full-fledged client. This is confirmed by research, which confirms that 60% of clients have done their purchase after reading a blog post. 70% prefers to research a company on its blog rather than through its advertisements.

Social media marketing is an excellent way to communicate with your clienteleSocial media marketing

Social media marketing allows you to step into a direct and quick dialogue with clients that you already have (as well as potential ones) to involve them in different campaigns and receive necessary feedback from them. A lot of research and our own experience shows that social media marketing on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and other networks works well both on the regular user and also the business client.

Social media is a long-term investment in customer communication, but only by doing it right you get results. For successful social media marketing, you need careful planning and strategy. The digital media solutions offered by WSI are based on long term experience, allowing you to outshine your competitors, grow your fanbase and bring in more clients interested in your products and services.

E-mail marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels

Proper e-mail marketing allows you to use the full potential of your contact base, and even grow it exponentially. You have probably noticed that only a few of your first-time visitors to your website make an immediate purchase or an inquiry. Creative e-mail marketing is an excellent tool for bringing potential clients back to your website and developing your relationship with the ones you already have. According to different research, investment in e-mail marketing can pay back ten times more in profit.

Most of us receive a lot of e-mails daily. In order for a client to open an e-mail sent by you, and click on any links within it, its content should prompt the reader and have good quality. Marketing automation strategies help here, which gather information so that segmenting your contacts and writing more personal e-mails would be simpler. Time can be saved by thought-out chains of activity. We can help you create an effective e-mail marketing strategy and make it happen.

Mobile marketing is particularly profitable for location-based companies

Mobile phones, smartphones in particular, have become an inseparable part of everyday life-. Using several devices has become more popular as well. Upcoming years are projected to bring the amount of smartphone users up to nearly 3 billion in the world. Websites that do not scale to smartphones tend to fall in search engine rankings. No longer an optional part of marketing plans, mobile marketing is crucial, which should also be kept in mind when creating a website, landing page, conducting SEO, e-mail marketing, digital media campaigns and so on.

Mobile marketing is currently one of the fastest developing fields. A particular emphasis on it should be for location-based businesses, to attract potential clients that are in the area. For example, you can target smartphone users, send location-based ads, etc.

We can help develop a mobile marketing strategy and a mobile-friendly website for your business.Mobile marketing

Inbound marketing connects all activities into a whole

In traditional marketing, a company looks for clients. In Inbound marketing, the customers come to your company on their own. Indeed, it may seem like just a dream, but if all the conditions are met, it can be reality.

Inbound marketing means inbound marketing activities, of course. Crucial parts of it are workflows and marketing automation. Inbound marketing is a comprehensive solution that gives attention to the client’s needs and desires on every step of their buyer’s journey. With proper strategy and technology, Inbound marketing helps the visitor along on their buyer’s journey, to see on their own that the service or product you offer is useful to them. This eventually makes them a client, afterwards even a fan and promoter of your company.

The Inbound approach is customer-friendly and generally more profitable than classical marketing. WSI is a global pioneer of the Inbound methods. We have all the knowledge, technology and international partners for a successful Inbound marketing strategy.

Creative digital marketing requires knowledge and experience

The digital world is in constant change, which means that in order to get the best results, one needs to update their knowledge continuously. In WSI Online, we are involved in the field in our day-to-day activities, which means knowledge and long-time experience in digital marketing both generally and specifically.
Leave your contact information, let’s get chat and discuss, which digital marketing activities would benefit your company and bring excellent long-term results.


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