How to stand out with your LinkedIn profile?

22.11.2017 by Karolin Kondrat

What is the most critical information you should share on your company’s LinkedIn profile? I believe it’s the question on a lot of people’s minds. Luckily, you can get some ideas for your LinkedIn profile right here because our copywriter Martin Nõmm will share his thoughts on the subject.

Why is an account on LinkedIn useful for your company?

In my opinion, every company should have LinkedIn. Maybe it’s not directly useful for small businesses, but if you wish to find new partners, employees or potential clients, then LinkedIn is quite mandatory. Moreover, LinkedIn is extremely important for those companies who want to stand out internationally. Also, LinkedIn is a part of company’s proper social media presence and social media marketing strategy. Compared to other social channels, LinkedIn is an excellent platform on a professional level.

What is the most important information you should share on your company’s LinkedIn profile?

What needs to stand out from your LinkedIn profile instantly, is a direct benefit for a client, partner or a potential employee. For example, you should point out what’s your company’s field of activity, what your business offers and what you have achieved. This is the most crucial information. Company’s biography, blog posts and pictures of your employees are good and essential, but you should keep them on your website, not on your LinkedIn profile.

Martin, you have written several LinkedIn profile descriptions. Could you please describe that process a bit?

We’ll have a conversation, an interview. One thing I ask during the interview is what makes your company unique, what is your competitive advantage. This is the essential input I use to create a profile description. It gives me the right direction to bring out the most substantial value.

During the interview, I also ask many other questions. For example, I ask what the important aspects in client’s point of view are. A client should give me a clear idea which are the activities of a company and which aren’t. When it comes to personal profiles, I’ve also prepared questions and with the answers, I put together person’s career narrative.

How to make your LinkedIn profile better and more interesting?

LinkedIn-company-profileYou should take away unessential information or, vice versa, complement your profile description. I have noticed there are two types of profiles that, in my opinion, aren’t so good. Some profiles have too much information, and then there are the profiles, which lack information. Even though LinkedIn has set character limits to the profile description and your text fits into the limit, you can still have too much unessential information. Also, I recommend to keep an eye on LinkedIn’s updates and adjust your profile description when needed.

Those, who have created a long lovely story of their company, may discover that their text doesn’t fit into the maximum character limit. Moreover, they may forget to talk about the important things, like their field of activity or products and services. Some even create a description which isn’t useful for potential partners, employees and clients at all, like which only briefly mention what their company does. To conclude, I would say it’s essential that the information in the description is accurate, striking and brings out company’s value.

What can you do with your personal profile, for it to be useful?

Many people don’t know how influential a LinkedIn profile can be. You can even say that it’s like a CV or a career story, which helps you find new job opportunities, clients, or business partners. However, a normal CV has very specific criteria for its contents. Whereas on the LinkedIn profile, you can also talk about many other important aspects of your life, which have shaped you as a professional, and which may sound odd in a regular CV.

You shouldn’t be afraid to bring out your skills to LinkedIn profile. Moreover, you should ask for endorsements from your friends. It is an absolutely normal thing to do on LinkedIn! Also, you should definitely have a professional photo on your LinkedIn profile. Kristjan Raude emphasizes that you should have the same picture on all of your business profiles and accounts because it builds your personal brand. To summarize, you should think what’s exciting and attractive about you and your career and describe all of it on your LinkedIn profile.


Should you prefer English on your LinkedIn profile description?

English is mandatory. When you share something on your feed, you can vary between languages that you use. Your profile, however, should be in English because it is the international lingua franca in the business world.

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