Is collaboration with several digital marketing agencies beneficial?

08.11.2017 by Karolin Kondrat

In this blog we explain why 1+1+1 isn’t always equal to three. Meaning that cooperation with more than one digital marketing agency isn’t always beneficial to the client. Egert Tüll, who has been working at WSI Online over 8 years, has plenty of interesting examples to illustrate that topic. So, this is the reason why I have chosen him to discuss this topic.

Taking your experience into account, which is more beneficial to a company – collaboration with one digital marketing agency or with several agencies? What are the pros and cons?

koostoo-mitme-digiturunduse-agentuuriga-1My experience shows that these clients definitely win in the results who take their digital marketing services from one or from two agencies maximum. The pros that speak in favor of this option start from the first meeting, where the client talks about expectations and goals. Can you imagine that a client tells the same story to five different agencies? In my opinion, it’s so time consuming. Also, it’s difficult to win the trust of five different agencies.

The main advantage to prefer one agency is bound up with the measurement of the results and analyzation. Due to the fact that in digital world there are plenty of numbers you can measure, often different agencies measure different numbers. For example, for one agency clicks are important, but to another conversions matter. This may cause confusion in client’s mind who doesn’t keep up with the digital marketing world every day. If processes are fixed with one agency, it’s much easier for the client to understand the results and the whole picture.

In digital marketing, many services are closely related to each other, for example content marketing and SEO. So, it may be unclear for the client (when collaborating with different agencies), which are the responsibilities of each agency. A situation like this may occur even if the services and duties of each agency are clearly fixed. Only recently I had a experience like this with one client. And in that case, it’s hard to bring the best results to the client.

I don’t recommend partenrship with 4-5 different agencies, because in my opinion it’s not sustainable. On the other hand, I agree that one partner may not be enough. There’s a saying that a printer-scanner-copying machine does nothing great. WSI offers full solutions in digital marketing, but when another agency is specialized in social media and has done social media marketing for ten years, it may bring better results in that field.

Does it play a noticeable role in the results, if you take full solutions from one agency?

I think so. If client takes several services from one agency, at least 4-5 people work on this project. So, there’s a team who is working on this. The members of this team communicate to each other every day and all together they’re trying to offer the best solutions to the client. The results are also better, thanks to the synergy of a team. So, in my opinion, teamwork is the key.

Furthermore, even if one agency offers different services to the client, the measurement of the results is still the same. One agency sees the whole picture better and that way it’s easier to understand which solutions work the best. It’s very clear to understand, which services are beneficial to the client and which aren’t.

It’s a common opinion that digital marketing services are too expensive. In your opinion, is digital marketing a great investment for the company?

koostöö-mitme-digiturunudse-agentuuriga-2It depends on a company. In my opinion, investing in digital marketing isn’t expensive. I explain this through one comparison. Let’s assume that a company invests 1000 euros per month in digital marketing services. For that money, a couple of experienced specialists work on this project to achieve the goals of the client. In comparison, company hires an employee and pays 1000 euros every month to him. It’s quite clear that one person can’t do the job of a whole agency. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge he has, he can’t be good at everything and do the job of five people. Also, I think that an agency is more motivated to do this job. An employee can leave out of a sudden. Even if employees change in an agency, the agency itself keeps working.

Digital marketing is definitely worth investing in. To explain this, I once again bring one example from my experience. Years ago, I started to work with two clients. One of them started to invest more and more money in digital marketing every year, because the company saw the potential in this. This investment paid off because the sales of this company grew several times. The other company decided to stay on the same level and that’s why the results also stayed the same. This example clearly shows, the more you put in, the more you get back. And the goal of every company is growth.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money in digital marketing and use all the different options of digital marketing at once to get the desired results. Later, when the company has more resources, it’s possible to try other services as well. But it’s important to understand which channels and solutions bring the best results. In conclusion, I would definitely invest in digital marketing.

What role a digital marketing consultant or a project manager plays in one digital marketing agency?

That is a good question, because this is another misconception. People think that a digital marketing consultant only sends out the bills and answers to client’s emails. In WSI, the role of a digital marketing consultant is to understand the whole project and offer the best solutions to the client. Consultant’s job is also reporting, analyzing and drawing the right conclusions. In digital world, a project manager or a consultant plays a very important role. We can even say that he is the key person for the client.

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