TOP 5: Facebook’s price per ad increased by 14% YOY

08.05.2017 by Kristjan Raude

Last week was extremely busy in every way. We’re looking for new team members, so I met some awesome people. Also, we’re launching a new marketing video show very soon! The first episodes have been recorded, but still, a lot needs to be done before the launch. If you’re interested, leave your contact information here and stay tuned!

There was a few important news in digital marketing world last week. Facebook published its financial reports for the first quarter. It’s clear that their advertising revenue is still increasing. Facebook has almost 2 billion users. It is interesting that the price per ad increased by 14%. During the previous quarters, it was under 10%.

So, here is my top 5 digital marketing news of the last week.

20 of the best website homepage design examples

Your organization’s website is a powerful weapon if you can use it wisely. But how can a little company beat a bigger competitor? One possibility is to make a better website. Hubspot pointed out some of the best website homepage designs to give you some inspiration.

Your homepage is one of the most important web pages on your website because usually, that’s the first page that leaves an impression to a visitor. For that reason, Hubspot also brought out some tips about a good website homepage design. For example, the design clearly needs to answer “who I am”, “what I do” and/or “what can you do here”.

Source: Hubspot has the highest digital ad revenue growth

Facebook and Instagram are copying Snapchat, but at the same time, Snapchat is copying Facebook. Over the past year, Snapchat has steadily introduced ad capabilities and tools that are similar to Facebook’s and Google’s. When it comes to ad revenue growth, Snapchat doesn’t have a competitor – it’s predicted that in 2017 Snapchat’s ad revenue grows by 163% (for comparison Facebook’s growth is +35%, Google’s growth +18%, and Twitter’s growth +2%). I have to admit that I haven’t discovered Snapchat for myself yet. I have an account, but that’s it. If you have some good reasons, why should I start using Snapchat, let me know via e-mail .

Source: eMarketer to optimize for voice search?

More and more people are starting to use voice search. Amazon (Echo), Google (Home/Assistant) and Apple (Siri) are competing to win the heart of the users. Did you know that this year the number of voice searches have increased by 130%. What does it mean for SEO?

Because voice searches are more conversational, voice search queries are also usually longer than typical text keyword search queries. This means that keywords in the voice search world are long-tail+. Also, people are rather searching for local content and information with voice search.

Source: Search Engine Land

Why you need negative buyer personas for better customer acquisition?

Over the past few years, buyer personas have been in the centre of attention in the marketing world. We also wrote an e-book about creating buyer personas and it’s available for the last days. But what is a negative buyer persona and why we need them?

Simply saying, a negative buyer persona is a client that you don’t want. It is questionable for many, why we need them. But actually negative buyer personas are essential to running a thriving business.

Source: Kissmetrics

Machine learning starts to automate eBay’s marketing

I believe that 99,9% of people who are reading this blog post, doesn’t have a marketing budget as big as eBay’s. Despite that, it’s very important to examine what the big companies are doing to collect ideas. If machine learning is too advanced, start by using marketing automation.

Source: eMarketer

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