TOP 5: The survey and report of digital marketing 2017

15.05.2017 by Kristjan Raude

Last week was extremely exciting. I met some very interesting people from whom I have a lot to learn. Luckily, we filmed it and some day it’s published as an episode of IMPACT 80/20.

Also, there was some entertaining news from the technology sector. Self-driving cars aren’t completely ready yet, but already software, which finds parking spots for them, is developed.

Cyber security is definitely one of the most popular topics right now. Recent attacks have changed people’s attitude towards it, but it’s not over yet. Financial Times warns that we have to be ready for the next attack.

Snapchat is not doing okay. 166 million users are a disappointment for the investors. Snapchat’s growth is not rapid anymore and we can’t compare it to Instagram, which has 4,2 times more users than Snapchat. Some people even compare Snapchat to Twitter – its advertising revenue is increasing, but there aren’t enough new users.

The state of digital marketing 2017

Search Engine Journal launched the results of a survey, where over 200 industry professionals were surveyed. Some of the outcomes were surprising, but some were expected. For example, only 43% of marketers perform an SEO audit for new clients (we do it almost every time). Also, only 53% have a documented content strategy. We agree with the fact that the most effective type of content is a blog post.

Digital marketing evolves extremely fast, so it can be difficult to prioritize which parts deserve your attention. Analyze this survey to find out where digital marketers focus their time and budgets.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Micro-moments: Your guide to winning the shift to mobile

Did you know that 68% of people check their phone within 15 minutes after they wake up? Or that we check our phones over 150 times a day?

Micro-moments are critical touch points within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends. In conclusion, Google gives 3 simple tips: a) be there b) be useful c) be quick.

Source: Google

5 statistics to guide your B2B web design strategy

Design is art and we don’t argue over art. Still, there are so many rules and indicators in the digital marketing world that we can’t ignore. If you want something better than just a beautiful website, then check these 5 important inputs:

  1. Mobile is key;
  2. All-device experience;
  3. Communicate with design;
  4. Site performance matters;
  5. SEO.

Source: Business 2 Community

A week in social media

Facebook is updating the news feed algorithm, so people see fewer posts and ads in their news feed, which link to low-quality web page experiences and spammy ads. The final goal is to feature fewer misleading posts and more informative posts in the news feed.

Also, Facebook introduced quick shortcuts in groups. For example, you can quickly start a live video, create a poll or sell something. This new feature is available in mobile and desktop versions.

As I mentioned before, Snapchat released its first quarter earnings report. But Snapchat has more news! For example, limitless snaps, which allow your videos to loop indefinitely until the viewer is ready to move to the next snap. Also, Magic Eraser tool was rolled out, which enables users to remove objects.

Source: Social Media Examiner

Martech tools aren’t just for marketers, sales need them too

Martech (marketing technology) is essential in the development of effective marketing operations and a marketing strategy that benefits the whole business. Martech is not only for driving leads, boosting sales and improving customer experience. It’s also for better internal communications, for example, to fuse the gap between marketing and sales departments.

Nowadays creativity isn’t the only important aspect of marketing. The technology we use is also important. So, we need to accept the idea that marketing has become a technology-powered discipline.

Source: Smart Insights

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