IMPACT 80/20: Wojciech Mach – Data is the gold mine for marketing

27.07.2017 by Karolin Kondrat

The guest of this week’s IMPACT 80/20 marketing show was Wojciech Mach who is the managing director of Luxoft Central Europe. Luxoft is a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base. He started his career at Procter & Gamble and then moved to Hewlett-Packard. So, he has worked in several worldwide companies.

During the interview, he shared his opinion about the importance of LinkedIn, the future of marketing and many other topics. Also, he revealed his 20% of activities and habits which bring the most success to him.

In this blog, I’ll give you a brief summary of the episode. If you would like to watch the full video, click here.


The importance of LinkedIn

Wojciech doesn’t think that LinkedIn works for finding new customers. In his opinion, it’s for HR, recruitment, branding and engagement.

He believes in close relationships with employees. So, LinkedIn is a very important tool for him to connect with them. Wojciech admits that it’s difficult to keep in touch with people working in such a highly structured company, but LinkedIn makes it easier. He even jokingly says that LinkedIn works better for communication than their own internal systems.

impact8020-wojciech-machThe external party has to bring value

Wojciech expects open communication and honesty from the agencies he’s working with. He can manage when the agency tells in advance that the deadline will be missed. But he can’t manage if they do the opposite and notify him at the last minute.

The reason why he chooses to go to the external party is that he’s looking for creativity, details and high quality. So, the agency has to bring value to him. He says that one of the mistakes agencies are doing is not valuing the partnership. Wojciech doesn’t want to feel like a second class. He really wants that partners take each other seriously.

Data is the gold mine for marketing

Wojciech believes there are a lot of things going on right now in marketing and everything is changing faster and faster. He thinks that augmented reality is definitely something that we would see in the marketing agencies soon.

Wojciech says that all the data about customer behaviour is the gold mine for marketing. In order to understand what the customers like or don’t like, where they buy and when the right time to sell is, marketing has to work the data in the right way. So, in his opinion marketing needs to be on the top of all this data and be able to draw conclusions.

Personal success

Wojciech prioritizes continuing development. He says that you need to keep on developing even if you’re already successful. He admits that the reason he goes to work every day are the people there. So, he thinks that the secon aspect that may bring success to you are the people around you. He is very lucky that he has met a lot of people throughout his career because he has learnt a lot from them.

He believes to be successful, a person has to step out of the comfort zone. He says that it was an investment to move to Asia with his whole family. Of course it was stressful for him and tough at times, but he believes that’s how we raise much smarter and wiser people.

Wojciech would definitely suggest his successor to be brave and use all the opportunities to the maximum. Again, he would emphasize that self development is important. And lastly he would recommend him to build a network of people around him. Wojciech believes that a person is the average of five people he interacts with. So, he would advise him to stay among people who are smarter in some aspects than he is.

If you would like to watch the full video and listen the whole interview, click here.

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