IMPACT 80/20: Jens Mayer – 4 most important brand experience principles

24.08.2017 by Karolin Kondrat

The 7th guest of IMPACT 80/20 was Jens Mayer who is the managing director of brand experience agency Jack Morton Worldwide. His passion is to tie together events and digital technology. The biggest event he has organized as an agency was the opening ceremony of the Olympics. And they did it even twice! Not anyone is capable of managing huge projects like that.

During the interview with the host Kristjan Raude, Jens talked about the most important brand experience principles, content marketing, creativity and his personal success. Like always, in this blog, I’ll give you a brief overview of this interview. But, if you would like to watch the whole episode, you can easily do it here.


4 most important brand experience principles

“If we talk about brand experience, it’s about the user,” says Jens. He believes that the human being is in the center of brand experience and you should always keep the human being in your mind.

Still, they have four main brand experience principles in Jack Morton. The first and the most important one for them is “be human”, which means all the experiences should be human and they should touch human. The second one is “invite participation”, which means you should make things that people want to be a part of and that people want to share with others as well. Then there’s “be useful”, meaning you should design stuff that is useful and valuable for the people. The last principle is “build a community around you”. By building a community Jens means you should design an event that applies to a large group of people.

impact8020-jens-mayer-brand-experience-principlesThe amazing is the new normal

“The amazing is the new normal” is one of his agency’s principles as well. Jens thinks it’s crucial to be extraordinary to stick out in today’s world where everything is instantly available on your touchscreen. Although there’s a lot of content, he states that content really outperforms in terms of engaging and reaching people. Also, he suggests to think about how you can give your content an extended lifetime, so it’s longer out there and reaches more people.

Jens doesn’t believe that there’s one type of content and content promotion channel which works the best. “It depends on what you’re looking for,” says Jens. Still, he thinks that if you look into the following generations and the way that they consume media, moving image is one of the content elements.

Not a believer in brainstorming

Jens is not a believer in sitting around the table and trying to generate great ideas and great strategies. Instead of that, in Jack Morton they have a very clear process to achieve creativity and to ensure that their creative work fulfills the same standards around the globe.

Jens doesn’t think that creativity and big events are related to the size of the budget. He says that if you’re a good creative agency or a company who has great creative minds, it’s still possible to make amazing stuff on small budgets.

Personal success

Jens is satisfied with what he has achieved. He thinks the only chance to be successful is to be happy with the job you’re doing at the time. Jens offers that behind his success may be the fact that he has always kept his eyes open for new things. He also likes to try different fields. So, he doesn’t have a straight career path.

If he has to say something to his successor, he doesn’t think that anybody needs his advice. “Nobody gave me advice when I started and I didn’t ask for it. I mean, I ask for opinion and help, but I don’t think I need to teach somebody how you should do your job or run your business,” tells Jens. So, Jens would just say to never copy somebody else and to be yourself!

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