IMPACT 80/20: Jan Gemrich “Agencies’ biggest mistake – saying “YES” too quickly”

29.06.2017 by Karolin Kondrat

IMPACT 80/20 marketing show is the source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and marketing people. The host of this show is Kristjan Raude who has been in the marketing and sales field for the last 13 years. During the interview, his goal is to find out 20% of the activities which make 80% of the result.

The first episode of IMPACT 80/20 show was published one month ago and received lots of good feedback. This week the first episode in English came out.

The guest of this week’s episode is Jan Gemrich who is the head of hardware marketing at Google Canada. In this blog, we’re doing a small summary of this episode. If you would like to watch the full video, you can do it here.


It’s really rare to find an agency who is really a partner

jan-gemrich-impact8020-2Jan has helped to release many Google’s products. For example, Google Pixel and Google Play Music in Canada. The biggest lesson he has learned from these big events is that it’s really rare to find an agency who is really a partner. In his opinion, no company needs an agency which just executes things on your behalf. Companies need agencies who think on your behalf and bring new information to the table.

He thinks that the biggest mistake marketing agencies do is that they say “YES” too quickly and only after that they realize they can’t deliver what they promised. So, he respects these agencies more who have told him “NO” than these agencies who say “YES” immediately.

The final impression of the audience is what matters

Jan says that it’s very important to set the goals before planning an event. He thinks that often event managers don’t define the goals and are just guessing what to do. But if you know the final goal, you are able to decide based on that.

In Jan’s opinion, a good event is an event where the guests leave with the impression he wants them to leave with and what’s around it doesn’t really matter. So, the final impression of the audience is something that matters.


Jan is so young but already extremely successful in his career. He started as an intern at Google in Prague, then worked in London and is now the head of hardware marketing at Google Canada. So, what are his 20% of activities which make the 80% of the result?

He found out that his personal life heavily influences his work-life. That’s the reason why he takes care of his personal life more than work-life. In his opinion, work is part of his life and splitting work and personal life doesn’t make any sense. He also figured out that regular exercising influences his performance at work. So, he goes running and plays squash.

What would he say to his successor?

Jan says that in order to be successful in his current role, it’s very important to push yourself out of your comfort zone. He thinks that getting out of your comfort zone helps you to grow and become successful. In his opinion, it’s essential to push yourself every day to do things you haven’t tried before.

If you would like to watch the full video, click here!

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