How to continue blogging?

13.09.2017 by Kristjan Raude

Writer’s block or lack of inspiration is also a common problem in blogging. It’s essential to keep your company’s blog up to date – although new clients are common readers as well, loyal and regular readers keep it relevant.

In spring, I wrote an article about different methods for how to start blogging. Fall is a great time to speak about a blog in progress. Where to find ideas when it feels like all the topics have already been used? How to once again write about the same keyword?

Repetition is not THAT bad

Before I give you some tips on how to find ideas for your blog, I wanna emphasize one thing – there’s no need to panic when you notice that some topics start repeating. If you focus on one specific field, some aspects just need repeating. Sometimes repetition is inevitable, because not every month is filled with new products, services or trends. In addition, highlighting “old” topics is accommodating to a reader who is not so familiar with this topic, unlike a more experienced reader.

Keep in mind that repetition doesn’t mean duplication. So, don’t copy + paste your old articles. First of all, it’s disrespectful for the reader. Secondly, it decreases the value of your content in search engines. Still, there’s no need to be afraid of moderate repetition (without copying old text) in topics.

But now I’ll give you some ideas on how to avoid repeating the same topics too often.

Tip 1: client stories and experiences

This form is also known as client case studies. The joy of work well done with your clients is definitely worth sharing with others as well. Case studies help the reader connect a real person and a positive experience with your products or services.

Successful companies don’t lack good client stories and there is always something new going on. Theoretical information about the advantages of your company is great, but even better is the practice from your completed works.

Tip 2: current trends and news

Write your keyword (or some other word related to your keyword) into Google and use the time tool to search for something recent. If your field appears occasionally in the news as well, and you can connect your products or services with them, you can try the News button. It’s not so much about getting specific information, rather than getting fresh ideas.

If you’re active in the design field, you can find ideas for your blog topics from Pinterest. There’s plenty of inspiring galleries there! What is the hottest decor trend in New York right now? Do you have similar items in your product range? Could your product be a part of the local trend? These can be some of the questions you can use to gather new ideas.

If the topic is specific and you find an article that discusses it, it’s essential to refer to the original article. It’s especially useful if you’re collecting outbound links to your content. If you take an idea from a source and accomplish it with your own materials, referencing is not that necessary.

Tip 3: frequently asked questions

Are there any frequently asked questions about your product or services? A blog is a perfect place to answer these questions or to solve common problems with shipping and the like. If these questions are asked frequently, you may have missed some important topics in your blog.

It’s smart here to think about common topics in your field and come up with questions that discuss them, allowing you to answer them in your blog. “Is x unhealthy?” or “Is y only for rich people?” are examples of such.

kuidas-jätkata-blogimisega-2Writing is an art

Even if the goal of your texts is marketing, you should approach it as an art. The idea of offering something likable and valuable to read for your client should be your goal – and that demands an artistic approach.

If something is blocking your creativity, your might find inspiration in your client. And if it seems like you still can’t come up with any ideas, maybe HubSpot’s blog ideas generator can help you. 🙂

The initial author of this blog is Martin Nõmm.

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