How to begin blogging?

17.05.2017 by Kristjan Raude

Have you been in a situation, where you have decided to create a blog for your company, but you just can’t choose the right direction? The first rule of inbound marketing “Create valuable and topical content” leaves a lot of thinking room as well. And if you know your field inside out, you might get stuck with considering all the different options.

Here are a few methods on how to start blogging. You should be aware that the right answer also depends on your client and your field.

1st method – lay down roots

One of the common ways, how companies start blogging, is to write about the basics. Explain the essential terms, give first impressions of your products or services, write about the general trends and practices in your field, etc.



2nd method – straight to the point

You should go straight to the point, if your company’s field is well-known to the public, if your competitors have more or less covered the basics or if it just isn’t beneficial to start from the ABCs. Offer your clients personal stories, case studies, latest trends, advantages of your products or services, etc. The goal here is to write about current topics right from the beginning.



How to start with blogging?3rd method – mix and match

Businesses and ideal clients aren’t always so easily understood as to make only one method viable. So, what to do, if these two methods are too narrow?

Blogs commonly develop by starting with the first and following with the second method. First, create content that covers the basics. This information relates to the readers who are beginners in your field. When enough of the basics have been covered, move on to more specific topics. By doing so, your blog is also appealing to the more experienced clientele. This way you end up attracting an audience from both groups.

If your customer isn’t sensitive to core topics; if more specific subjects aren’t too much for them; and if in general, this solution matches your company’s vision, feel free to combine these methods. What your client wants helps you find the right option.

Communicate with your customers

A blog need not be a literal “blog” – the goal is to create valuable content. This content can be news, tips, ideas, tutorials, information about your products and services, etc. No matter the direction and the method, your blog can be a powerful tool.

It is necessary for any company to start blogging because it’s a very effective medium (especially if you use SEO methods). More importantly, it is an effective means to communicate with your clients and fans – people just like hearing from companies that interest them and reading any interesting content they might share.

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