The next level of Google AdWords: weekday analysis

08.03.2017 by Egert Tüll

The more thorough your Google AdWords account and bigger the budget are, the more monthly management they require. There are several details you need to keep an eye out for, and it’s quite simple to get lost in them. AdWords is useful in that it enables fine tuning, like targeting the location of your prospects (e.g a city), but what a lot of people don’t know is that one can even find the best weekdays for advertising.

Finding the right weekdays on Google AdWords

Even though your company might offer service 24/7, certain weekdays are far more crucial and profitable than others. You don’t know which ones? – Start with turning on the weekday section within the AdWords settings.

Campaings > Settings > Ad schedule  > Ad schedule overiew

The data will now generate and soon you’ll see if certain days are different than others and if some of them bring more leads. If you had this already set up, then you should have plenty of information there already. Definitely take a look at a longer period, like 3-6 months, to get more accurate and useful results. The more information you have, the better.

Google AdWords analytics

What to look out for?

There’s a lot of data to go through here, but the main things you need to take a look at are Clicks, Conversions, Cost/Conversion and Conversion rate. If some of these do not show, you should set them up in the Columns menu. These columns are crucial in finding how to make your campaigns more profitable. The bigger the rates, the better, except Cost/Conversion, which should be preferably low.  To put it simply, the goal here is to get as many leads with as low cost as possiblee.

Now that you’ve found out which weekdays are more profitable than others, pick the column Bit adjustments, on which you can increase or decrease the offers during the day. The idea is simple – the days that bring more and cheaper leads should have their offers increased. Or if the opposite is the case, it should be lowered.


It’s not important whether your company’s services are available 4 hours a day, 5 days a week or 24/7, certain weekdays just work better for your company. In order to find this information, just set up the weekday section within Google AdWords and start gathering data. When you have enough of it, invest in better days by per cent within the Bit adjustments column.

If it’s done correctly, you will see more leads for the same amount of money through AdWords ads, the cost per lead will decrease and your conversion rate will improve. What are you waiting for – don’t just throw money towards ads and just check your data.

We keep an eye on data like this daily for various companies. If it’s all Greek to you or you’d like a professional opinion, contact us below or take a look at our contact page!

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