7 ways to improve your SlideShare presentation

19.10.2012 by Egert Tüll

What is SlideShare and how to make the most of it for your company? Here are 7 ideas how to compile and perfect the files the way they improve your SEO and give an extra attention to your company.

SlideShare is an environment where you can upload PowerPoint presentations, pdf or word files and other documents. The exact file types supported can be found here.

Files uploaded to SlideShare can be added to your webpage similar to YouTube. This enables to upload capacious files through SlideShare so that there is no need to download the files. It also adds some variety to your webpage as the information is presented differently. You can upload last training materials or other interesting files.

Unfortunately many companies still don’t know this opportunity or they have no clue why they should use it. However, closer examination of the subject reveals that files uploaded to SlideShare can be very beneficial for many reasons. For example, well-crafted files in SlideShare can boost your webpage SEO and give an extra opportunity to be visible on Google search engine.

7 great opportunities – here they are!

1. Carefully chosen  cover slide

SlideShare shows two elements of your file – title and cover picture. Both are critical for getting attention. The more interesting cover and title you have, the more people will notice your presentation. Boring and badly written headings with a bad cover picture serves no success or attention. It’s quite similar to YouTube. Videos with striking title and video thumbnail gets a lot more views than it’s boring “neighbour”.

2. Use guest blog for more attention

To get a fair amount of attention to your uploaded file you can use guest blogging. If your website visits are too low to reach the desired audience and promote your file you can search for a partner who is interested in sharing it. For example, you can ask help from an educational site that focuses on your subject, that might find the file you provide a high educational value. Blog exchange is also welcomed by your readers as it brings some freshness to your page.

3. Use summaries of original materials

SlideShare is not the place to upload all the files you can find on your computer. Capacious documents, like 300 pages thick e-book, are too much for this environment. A lot wiser is to upload a summary of original material. A well written summary acts as a teaser and raises the reader’s interest in the original source. As a result the reader may buy or download the full size document if possible.

4. Don’t forget SEO

SlideShare files can be optimized similar to your website and YouTube videos. Optimization is required to reach your target audience. Regular optimization methods that are based on keywords are used for SlideShare. Use keywords in presentation title and description, use keywords in texts and link to other sources if possible, for example your webpage landing page.

5. Professional SlideShare readership

SlideShare is one of the largest professional content sharing environments. It can be compared to Facebook where people follow their friends, share pictures and videos, post comments etc. SlideShare works on the same principle. People upload, share and comment professionally written content.

6. Don’t be afraid of the details

As you probably know for YouTube short and apt content works best. For SlideShare this may not be the winner. Details are great and appropriate for SlideShare files. Don’t hold yourself back if you have some juicy details to add. Do it with passion and make the presentation live. Use comments, pictures, graphs etc. that help to communicate the message best. But keep in mind that giving the whole information in just one piece leaves no opportunities for after sales.

7. Great and attractive design

SlideShare is based on visual. To make sure someone bothers to look through your presentation you have to stand out from the crowd.  Great design and apt title leaves indelible first impression that hopefully support an exciting content. When creating the body text use elements like bold, big font, colours, pictures, graphs etc. that make the text easier to grasp.


SlideShare is an effective tool to boost your SEO and add some excitement to your website. Create interesting presentation (or maybe you have it on your computer already?), upload files to SlideShare and add it to your website. Don’t hold yourself back – make a presentation that draws attention instantly, which has interesting content and is sinful not to share with friends. Happy using!

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