10 reasons why your business should use twitter

03.07.2012 by Kristjan Raude

Social media for Estonians is too often considered only Facebook leaving unnoticed another potential media channel – Twitter. Twitter is the second largest social media environment after Facebook. There are more than 127 million active users around the world according to the latest research. Unfortunately the statistics of Twitter users in Estonia is not available. The phenomenon of Twitter is less widespread in Europe (view the map). Nevertheless, Twitter is an important marketing channel for Europe providing competitive advantage while using wisely.

Interesting facts about Twitter

Research conducted in USA revealed that 1/3 of marketers considered Twitter as very important social media marketing channel, and only 14% found that Twitter has no advantage to their activity. In addition, Twitter plays important part in the decision making process for consumers. 42% of active users get information about products/services, 31% ask other opinion about some product. Actual buyers form 21% of Twitter active users (Edisson Research).

Why Your Business Should Use Twitter

The statistics show that Twitter is gaining popularity and users that offers potential new customers for businesses. Here are listed 10 reasons why a company should have a Twitter account:

1)      Direct communication with customers

Twitter is a convenient environment for developing customer relations through direct communication. The client can ask questions directly from you and she is waiting a quick response. Fast reaction creates more trust. The advantage of direct communication is a two-sided benefit. The client gets quick solution and you can learn from clients’ problems.

2)      Up-to-date information

Your followers get the latest information about your activities, whether the tweets are about daily deals, some events or just informative posts. Use this opportunity wisely and reward your followers with exclusive offers.

3)      Follow, what others are saying about you

The best way to follow what others are talking about you is to be represented in social media. Twitter allows fast reactions to others messages and maintain your reputation.

4)      Create reliability

Reliability is created mainly through relevant content, customer service and transparency. To create more credibility your tweets and comments should be professional and informative about your operation field.

5)      Get more traffic on your website

Twitter is an excellent tool to create links to other pages. 140 characters that Twitter allows you to post are perfect for instant messages that lead to a web page where additional information can be found.  Add quality links about blog posts, webinars and other articles. The important factor is not link stuffing but to create quality links that bring actual visits.

6)      Become visible for search engines

The page rank for search engines will rise to a better position while optimizing your Twitter account properly. Keywords should be listed in meta description which is located in bio description box in your profile. Use keywords in your profile and tweets using # tag. Creating inbound links and displaying your website URL address will also help to rise in search results.

7)      Create new contacts

People with same interests are gathered into communities where the latest news is shared. It creates opportunity to interact with people from your field of interest and to create new contacts and partners. Don’t hesitate to spread your ideas and raise awareness about your existence in your community.

8)      Develop and advertise your company

Twitter acts as marketing channel allowing you to reach the target group who is interested in your doings. Your followers are interested in the latest information, new products and services, upcoming events etc. Don’t abuse their trust posting only commercial tweets, rather offer value, like a discount coupon of a new product. Two-sided communication helps to learn from your clients and adapt your advertising strategies according to that.

9)      Create excitement about upcoming events

Twitter is a great tool to announce upcoming events and to leave some mystery around them. 140 characters are perfect for a small piece of information that will create excitement and discussion around the event. Your followers want some new information and are waiting for new tweets.

10)  Follow your competitors

The best way to compete with your customers is to be aware of their doings. Twitter gives a good opportunity to have an overview of competitors’ activities and the response of customers.






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